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There is no denying the saturation of literature today, so we truly ought to justify the need for more. Counter-intuitive as it may be, it is because the publishing space is so saturated that we need these journals. They create space. Furthermore, too much knowledge is stacked behind the barriers-to-access put up by our most well known institutions. The setup is understandable. It has helped to build , sieve and reward the very culture of publishing we have today. Nonetheless, the time's come for more open-access writing, particularly in fields that directly affect the livelihood of people. 

The space we create only increases in importance with the developments of the day. The Trans Pacific Partnership is the single-most influential event behind these journals. All the activity around the deal makes necessary a greater capacity to record events, reflections, forecasts and judgments. Academia must keep up with Industry, let alone the press. 

What sets these journals apart from others? Why would anyone read them? The answer is that they have a unique format. On top of the normal peer-review process, we publish together with collected articles, a systemic and rigorous review (of every argument and citation) as well as a lay-man's summary. In doing this, we hope to attract a greater readership while maintaining, and even encouraging, academic scrutiny.

Vancouver Journal of International Business and Law

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